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Hi, my name is George Katsoulis, Remedial Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, Natural Health Practitioner, and owner of Naturally Massage & Wellness and Functional Body Mechanics.

I have been helping my patients over the last 20 years achieve pain relief and free mobility in my clinic, with a special focus on follow-on self-care programs that are easy to follow from the comfort of home.

My patients have benefitted greatly from these programs and have been able to retake control of their lives!

I have created the “Your Pain-Free Workday Made Simple” online program from my 20 years’ experience so that YOU can follow along my lessons with over 50 guided videos that teach you how to:

Create pain-free movement Break the cycle of tension at work Improve your energy every day

Your Pain-Free Workday Made Simple is an easy to follow educational and practical course to teach you how to help yourself, to take back control and to say no more to the pain and frustration that affects your day!

Covering 3 key areas that will help you to replace old unresourceful patterns with: better mobility and postural strength, breaking the cycle of tension throughout your workday and fueling your body for sustainable energy.

More than 50 how-to videos over 3 complete programs designed to be done at home with minimal equipment, and 1 workplace program covering:

Lower back maintenance

Upper back and shoulders maintenance

Neck pain and headaches maintenance

Desk exercises

This program has many variations and is designed for you at any level and to go through at your own pace.

I'm excited to be able to help you on your pain-relief journey.


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