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14 Day Kick Start Cleanse

Welcome to this super simple 14 day Kick Start Cleanse- get ready to feel lighter, less bloated, more energy and feel cleaner!

$79.00 AUD

Your Pain-Free Workday Made Simple

Don't let pain, restriction and energy slumps be the focus of your workday. Learn how to take control and feel AMAZING throughout your day!

$199.00 AUD

DIY Upper Back and Shoulder Home Program

Take control of your upper back and shoulder pain with this home based program. Self-massage, mobility and strengthening at home with minimal equipment!

$99.00 AUD

DIY Lower Back Home Program

Take control of your lower back pain with this home based program. Self-massage, mobility and strengthening at home with minimal equipment!

$99.00 AUD

Neck and Headaches Home Program

Take control of your neck pain and headaches with this home based program. Self-massage, mobility and strengthening at home with minimal equipment!

$99.00 AUD

Client Testimonials

Matthew N

I have been going to see George on and off for years, never for anything serious, a pinch in the neck here or a lower back twinge there. It was not until I injured myself doing a home renovation that I became aware of George’s program ‘Your Pain Free Workday Made Simple’.

While I have not yet completed the 8-week program, I am currently beginning week 4, I am already feeling the benefits. The combination of massage, strength training and stretching has improved my mobility and decreased the amount of pain I found myself in doing my day-to-day activities. What I did learn was I have several bad habits while sitting at my desk, these habits were compounding my injury and hindering my recovery. The most immediate change I found was that I am no longer using Panadol or anti-inflammatories, I still have a little way to go to be pain free but it is manageable without the pharmaceuticals.

This program is simple to follow and does not require a heap of specialised equipment, the instructional videos is like having George in the room whenever you need a ‘how to‘ refresher. The flexibility of this program means I can do it wherever I find myself working. You just need about half hour and a patch of floor to do the exercises. When I am pressed for time I can simply just concentrate on my problem areas and the program is flexible and I can go at my own pace.

I am looking forward to exploring the nutrition aspect of the program in the coming weeks and completing my journey towards being pain free.

Daniel P

After struggling with a longstanding back problem and not making progress over several years, the lower back program of Functional Body Mechanics has been instrumental to me in improving my mobility and flexibility while building strength.

Importantly it has afforded me the skills to manage any niggles if and when they arise through targeted rolling and stretching as guided by George.

Being chained to the desk in my day job, undertaking this program has proven critical to sustaining the long hours at the desk as well as maintaining an active lifestyle outside of work.

Adrian A

George, I'm so grateful for your program.

For years I have suffered lower back pain.

After performing the exercises and stretches in your guide, I have finally found relief from the pain and discomfort in my lower back.

The program was very easy to follow.

Thank you.

Leah I

In early 2020 I started having trouble with ongoing neck pain, severe muscle tightness and associated dizzy spells.

I had experienced wry neck in the past as a result of a career that predominantly had me sitting at a desk using a computer, but that was easily treated with either general physio or chiro - what I was experiencing at this time was much more severe and numerous treatments of varied types were not helping.

A friend who had seen George at Naturally Massage and Wellness recommended that I go see him for treatment as she had had success with resolving work related neck issues through treatment with George in the past.

On the first visit, George ran through my history and my current issues and after that first visit, I had the most improvement I had seen in over six months.

George recommended the use of his DIY Neck and Headache program that could be used from home and contained a number of rolling, stretching and strengthening exercises.

The program was easy to follow and each activity has a descriptive video which was easy to follow.

After a few weeks of the program, I saw significant improvement in my neck pain and tightness.

I have now been using the DIY program for approximately eight months and notice a difference in tightness on the days I don’t do the stretch routine.

I also continue to have monthly treatments with George which has helped avoid the wry necks that I had experienced in the past.

I have recommended George and his DIY programs to many family and friends, especially those experiencing neck and back discomfort.

Sharon R

I've been seeing George and doing his program for a few months now and I'm very happy with the results.

I work in the office for long hours and my posture was really bad so I've been looking for a therapist to help with my pain in lower, upper back and neck with no luck.

George is great, very patient and really cares about helping you to feel better.

I find the program very complete, well explained and easy to follow so I can do all the exercises at home. Highly recommend it!

Rod R

I've been seeing George and doing his program for a few months now and I'm very happy with the results.

My name is Rod Raymond and I am 70 years old.

I have been seeing George for well over 10 years. I initially came to him for a badly seized neck and shoulders.

Having tried all the traditional treatments from GP’s, physios etc as well as acupuncture, was at my wits end. My wife saw an advertisement for Naturally Wellness and Massage in the local paper and booked an appointment.

It took a few sessions to get my full movement back and together with regular treatments (every 4-6 weeks) and an exercise program George prepared specifically for me, I have not looked back.

I am able to play lawn bowls 2-3 times a week and the occasional game of golf as well as daily morning walks with my dogs all pain free.

Nicholas Pike


I first became aware of George’s ‘Your Pain Free Workday Made Simple’ program at a presentation he held and I was instantly hooked.

The simple, straightforward and flexible nature of his program meant I found the exercises and stretches easy to follow and the fact that I didn’t need to purchase expensive exercise equipment or attend a gym was definitely a plus.

The program teaches correct sitting and standing posture, has very comprehensive exercises, it covers mobility, strength and breaking the cycle of tension, and includes advice on remedial massage and physical therapy.

Nutrition, fuel and supplements are also of great interest to me as it completes the entire package.

Since starting the program, which I am able to do in the comfort of my own home, I have improved my posture, I feel more resilient and have more energy. I don’t suffer from as many headaches, I am sleeping better and I look forward to exercising, which I always considered an imposition rather than an enjoyment.

I sincerely encourage people to become part of George’s comprehensive program, your life will definitely change for the better as mine did.

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